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These expert mode fights were actually a lot harder than I expected and I had a really hard time finding anything on how to beat them. So here's how I ended up doing it. These might not be the most optimal strategy or whatever, but I tested each of these methods multiple times and they consistently work (or I note when they don't). Hope this helps someone, and feel free to let me know if there are any mistakes or I got something wrong.

Loadout - Q3 | W3 | E1 | R1

Strategy: We need to reduce the healing from Gwen's Q or else the fight lasts forever.

  1. Hit W + Q as soon as the fight starts for some quick damage.
  2. Keep using Q off cooldown. This ensures your bleed is always active so you can refresh it with E.
  3. When Gwen becomes unstoppable, immediately use E. This reduces her healing and refreshes the bleed.
  4. Follow up Q + W for hemorrhage and healing.
  5. Use R whenever it is up for big damage and more crits for the next 10 seconds.

Loadout - Q1 | W2 | E2 | R1

Strategy: Lux is pretty easy but you can get unlucky with her ability timing sometimes.

  1. Spam Q for quick damage, but hold onto it if Lux hasn't used an ability for a few autoattacks.
  2. When Lux uses her ultimate, use W to counter.
  3. When Lux casts her shield, use E to break the shield. But don't follow up with Q immediately, because unless Lux has just used her ult, she's able to cast it as soon as the shield is applied. It's a one hit KO, so wait to see if Lux is going to ult before using Q to detonate the bomb.
  4. Use R off cooldown for more damage.

Loadout - Q1 | W3 | E2 | R1

Strategy: This one is actually really easy.

  1. Start with E + Q to kill pack wolves.
  2. Then keep using W and Q to get combo points, heal, and do damage.
  3. If Naafiri spawns more wolves or gets a shield, use E + Q.
  4. Ult for more damage. This fight isn't even close really

Loadout - Q1 | W2 | E3 | R1

Strategy: This one is also really easy.

  1. Spam E + Q for dps.
  2. When Jhin is going to 4th shot (look at the ammo on the bottom right of his HP bar), press W.
  3. Ult when Q and E are almost off cooldown to make full use of the crit
  4. Jhin will ult, which is the basically same thing as his normal attacks except they do more damage. Block the 4th shot.

Loadout - Q3 | W3 | E1 | R2

Strategy: This one's all about healing enough to stay above the HP threshold. You'll start to get closer and closer to it because you can't outheal his damage, so we have to maximize dps to kill him before we reach the threshold.

  1. Use Q + E + Q + W in only that order. Keep track of the W cooldown to make sure you get the enhanced heal. Use E when W is at 4 seconds. Also make sure the bleed doesn't expire before you Q the second time, so you don't miss the hemorrhage damage.
  2. When R is ready, wait until you hit W for the enhanced heal before using R.
  3. As the fight gets close to the end, you might have to use R before finishing the whole combo to stay over the threshold. You can also just go R + E + W + Q to get the enhanced healing faster.

Loadout - Q3 | W2 | E1 | R1

Strategy: We are just outputting as much dps as possible while blocking her big damage combo, which can take a few tries to get the timing down.

  1. Spam Q + E + Q on cooldown for maximum dps from hemorrhage.
  2. When Evelynn goes invisible, the heart will beat 3 times (you will also hear 3 heartbeats). Hit W right on the third heartbeat.
  3. R off cooldown for more damage

Loadout - Q1 | W1 | E2 | R2

When the Fight Starts

  1. Immediately upon loading into the fight, use E + Q + W. (Do this fast or your E will not be back up in time)
  2. Sett will ult you. He only does this once.
  3. Sett will use W, which is a one hit KO. Press E + Q to remove the shield and negate his damage.

For the rest of the fight

  1. Sett will use his auto attack a few times. Do not use any abilities during this.
  2. Sett will do his stun combo. This doesn't stun until the second flurry of punches, so press W during the first hit, and it will cancel it.
  3. As soon as he falls back down, he will use W. use E + Q to negate the damage.
  4. Ult whenever it is up to heal

Note: I ran this a couple times, and on rare occasions, since Sett auto attacks a seemingly random number of times, he won't use his stun combo for too long and the timer will just barely run out. Just try it again, it almost always works.

Loadout - Q1 | W2 | E2 | R1

You will only be using abilities to react to Shaco's abilities. He has two, and uses them kind of randomly, but if you time the abilities correctly, they should always be up when you need them. Listen to audio cues to figure out which ability he is using.

  • When Shaco disappears and you hear a laughing (?) sound, he is going to spawn a clone. Use E + Q as soon as the clone appears to kill it.
  • When Shaco disappears quietly, he is going to do a backstab for massive damage. Immediately look at the bottom left of his HP bar where the little jungle icon indicating his stealth is. When the icon start flashing, use W immediately. This will block the backstab.

Loadout - Q1 | W3 | E1 | R1

Strategy: This one was pretty hard for me to nail down, since Viego has a healing ability you need to time E for, but you also need to maximize your dps. It's easy to be in the middle of the animation for another ability and Viego manages to get a few hits of full healing off. If this happens, just restart. Otherwise:

  1. Start with Q + E + Q, wait until you take 4 autoattacks worth of damage, then W for healing.
  2. Viego has 2 abilities where he becomes unstoppable. One of them will darken the screen. When this happens, press E immediately, followed with Q + W + Q
  3. If you have R, wait until your abilities are almost off cooldown before using it. That way you can gain the bonus crit from R, then follow up with Q + W + Q. If you want to take the risk, you can go for E + Q + W for more healing and damage, but if Viego uses his healing ability while E is on cooldown, you're done for.
  4. Otherwise try to sneak in Q and W to get combo points and the Q double shot.

Loadout - Q2 | W1 | E3 | R1

Strategy: This fight requires the most practice. Viego has an ability that will turn a large part of your HP bar purple. After a few seconds, that damage is dealt to you. You can reduce the purple portion by doing damage.

  1. Start with W + Q + E + Q + E + Q combo. Between W and Q1, you need to wait to let Samira finish one melee auto before refreshing the airborne with Q1. Then, let Samira finish one ranged auto and E1 while Viego is still airborne. The timing is a bit tight on this, but this dps needs to be maximized.
  2. Even though your R is charged after E2, hold onto is and continue sneaking in E + Q until Viego does his drain ability. Then immediately press R and do the first combo again. Super important you land those autos between the juggling abilities.
  3. Viego will then turn into Sett. Make sure your Q is up to break the shield, then continue comboing until you have R again.
  4. Viego will drain again. Do the same thing as the last time.
  5. Viego then turns into Lux. Pop her shield with Q and combo until you have R again
  6. Viego will drain for the last time. The combo should leave with barely any health.
  7. Prioritize hitting Viego with a full knockup combo so he can't hit you, and ult as soon as you have it so it stuns him. If that doesn't kill him, you lost some damage somewhere.

A few tips if you're having trouble with this: at least with how I did it, the fight is really close. I don't think I failed it in the 5 or so times I tried it, but sometimes I have a sliver of HP left. Sometimes if you are lucky, you can sneak in an E + Q during Viego's drain cast animation, which will chunk the purple HP bar a bit before you do your ultimate combo. I've never been able to clear the entire purple section of the HP bar.

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[2023] EXPERT MODE - Tournament of Souls Guide - Every Fight | League of Legends Dev Tracker | devtrackers.gg (2024)
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