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It's summer, and the scorching heat is upon us! To make the most of your summer breaks and craft the perfect summer holiday bucket list, we've compiled a list of 25 things to do in the summer holidays and how to enjoy the summer to the fullest. Whether you're seeking exciting adventures or looking for productive ways to spend your time, we've got you covered with a diverse range of ideas to make this summer unforgettable.

Fun things To Do In The Summer Holidays

Summer break is the much-anticipated respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, offering a golden opportunity to indulge in various activities without emptying your wallet. During this season, you can relish the freedom to explore and make the most of your time off. Here's a list of budget-friendly things to do during summer break to help you create cherished memories without breaking the bank.

1. Water Sports

We all experience stiff muscles while sitting in classes, completing assignments, and gluing our eyes on the laptop. This summer, unwind and flex your athletic muscles by having fun things to do during summer break, like playing water sports. While the waves of the ocean can be enjoyed for free, you can take up lessons and rent equipment, which will cost you little.

2. Become A Content Creator

Do you have a funny bone? Or have a knack for cooking? You don't need to enroll in any talent shows to showcase it. Content creation has recently been picked up as a side hustle or a source of entertainment for many people. It isn't too late to show or never too trendy to show your box of talents and fun things to do in the summer holidays.

3. Intertwine with Nature

‘Nature is the best free gift’, and doing activities in nature is one of the things to do in summer vacation. In today's age, we have a large disconnect with nature that has huge variable impacts on our mental health, physical health, & environmental sensitivity. It is important to take time and reconnect with nature to bridge this gap.

Things to do in the Summer Holidays: Creative Ideas

Summer holidays offer the perfect canvas for unleashing your creativity and making the most of your free time. When it comes to things to do during summer break, the possibilities are boundless. Here are a few fantastic things to do in the summer holidays filled with excitement and inspiration.

4. Decorate Your Space

Summer is an opportunity to open your creative vaults, which means engaging in fun activities like decorating your room. Giving your room a much-needed makeover is one of the best things to do in summer. If you want room decor inspiration, check out websites like Pinterest or our blog on 12-budget bedroom decor ideas for students.

5. Start a New Hobby

Starting a new hobby is one of the best things to do on summer break. It can provide a fun and fulfilling outlet for personal growth and development. Consider choosing a hobby that aligns with your interests or passions, such as photography, dancing, cooking, or playing an instrument.!

6. Start a Small Business

Looking to make a quick buck this summer? Fun things to do during summer break? Skills are learnt for free; they sell and maximize your return on investment. If you are skilled at hand-crafted goods, baking, editing videos, painting, writing, or teaching languages, you can start a business by leveraging the power of social media.

7. Start a Podcast

Around 464.7 million people listened to podcasts daily in 2023, indicating that active listening, voicing your opinions, and giving an ear matter in today's era. If you want to say some things to do in the summer holidays like forming a community that listens to your deep insights and thoughts, you just need an idea!

8. Potluck

Wondering what to do in the summer holidays? Over the years, the potluck concept has changed from a struggling practice to a fun addition to your things to do in summer vacation! Potlucks are a good way to bond & eat, which makes it one of the most fun things to do in summer.

9. Self Care

Take this summer to treat yourself with self-love and self-care practices. Develop habits like forming a skincare routine, exercising, and eating healthy as forms of self-care. These are some fun things to do during summer break, as you have the liberty of time & freedom to try different activities.

10. Cook

Cooking is a non-negotiable activity that we all have to face in adulthood. If you are wondering what to do in the summer holidays, incorporating cooking into one of your productive things to do in summer, you will learn how to whip up some delicious recipes and understand your nutrition patterns.

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Productive Things to do in the Summer Holidays

Summer breaks offer an ideal opportunity to strike a balance between relaxation and personal growth. While it's essential to unwind and engage in fun activities, it's equally important to explore your abilities and stay productive. So, what to do in the summer holidays to make the most of this time?

11. Learn a Language and Culture

Have you ever wished to be multilingual? Well, it is time to get that wish granted and fun things to do in summer vacation without giving the most given excuse of having no time to study. The best part of learning languages is that you can self-learn them through YouTube or discover language-learning apps like Duolingo that can bring you fluency.

12. Take an Online Course

Upskilling is the new norm of getting ahead of everyone if you wish to grow in your career, and taking a course is one of the most productive things to do in the summer holidays. Realizing that knowledge is a resource that should be frivolously shared amongst the masses, websites like MOOC & Coursera are providing free courses.

13. Read

Looking for what to do in the summer holidays but in the comfort of your room? Try to accommodate reading a book in your summer holiday bucket list. Reading is a powerful and profound activity; it isn't simply flipping through pages and reading through words but an experience that will leave you with a thought-provoking impression, & train your imagination.

14. Declutter

The overwhelming concept of clutter has surrounded the Gen-Z generation. Whether social media, physical spaces, or online platforms, most have been present around a lot of clutter and chaos. By adding decluttering to your productive things to do in the summer holiday bucket list, you are getting rid of excess stuff that can work better for your mental health.

15. Research about Minimalism

Learning about minimalism can be some of the most productive things to do in the summer, as this will get you closer to yourself, bring mindfulness, invoke gratitude, and build a sustainable mindset, which will become a chosen lifestyle in the long run.

16. Learn about Finances

Another dreadful hurdle of being an adult is managing your finances. The best part is that while wondering what to do in the summer holidays, you can learn how to grow your money at no cost. There are many financial experts turned influencers like Humprey Yang, Chelsea fa*gan, and many more who have taken the responsibility to teach finance without it being taboo.

17. Digital Detox

In social media like Instagram and TikTok, mindless scrolling is a bigger problem. While social media positively impacts learning, it also invokes unnecessary thoughts like FOMO, unhealthy comparisons, etc. So, one of the best things to do in summer is to disconnect and detox from technology, which benefits physical and mental health. Apps are a great resource and you should use them to your advantage. Here is our visual guide on digital detox applications to make this process much smoother

18. Setting up a Routine

If you are looking for productive things to do during summer break, make a routine. Routine creates structure, which builds consistency that habitually becomes a discipline. Making a routine is a sign of a well-organized & responsible person; our bodies function like an alarm clock.

19. Get an Internship

Getting hands-on practical experience is valued more than a course certificate, and getting an internship is the best way to prove and challenge your capabilities. By being one of the most productive things to do in summer, an internship is an asset to an investment in your career. Additionally, creating a strong resume and cover letter, preparing for interviews, and being open to various opportunities can increase the chances of securing an internship.

20. Learn about Manifestation

‘You become what you feed your mind’. Based on the law of attraction, manifestation is simply rewiring your mind and bringing the idea of your thoughts into reality through beliefs and intentions. So, you can upscale your things to do on summer break by learning how to manifest your dream life.

21. Meditation

In a world of chaos, the calmness of mind brings solace and clarity to our lives. Meditation is long believed to be escapism from the negative space, emotions, thoughts and flowers in awareness and positivity. It is one of the most productive things to do in the summer holidays that will shape your personality in the long run.

22. Learn to Speed Learn With ChatGPT

Looking for things to do in summer vacation? In the era of AI, ChatGPT has outshined the possibilities of getting well-researched information in seconds. You can learn any skill by getting a step-by-step process, examining yourself, and getting easy explanations by using ChatGPT.

23. Prepare for Any Tests

Studying for admissions tests is crucial for gaining entrance into competitive academic programs. Begin by understanding the format and content of the exam, whether it's PTE, ACT, SAT GRE or GMAT, as well as the score required for admission. This can be one of the productive things to do in summer, as you have a lot of time & will avoid time crunching or stressing at the last minute.

Things to Do in the Summer Holidays: Travel

Embarking on a summer journey isn't just about exploring new destinations; it's also a profound journey of self-discovery. It's an opportunity to break away from the routine, to embrace the unknown, and, in the process, to uncover new facets of yourself. As the summer break beckons, consider the myriad of things to do during this rejuvenating season.

24. International Travel

There are many cheap countries to travel abroad in every corner of the world. In Asia, countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand are considered low-hanging fruit destinations for students on a budget. Uncover all the fun things to do during summer break, like learning a language and culture and meeting new people just by traveling.

25. Go on a Road Trip

If you are planning what to do in the summer holidays, go on a trip. Going on a road trip during summer break is a great way to explore new places and make lasting memories with friends or family. Plan your route and stop in advance, but also allow for spontaneity.

Summer break is the perfect time to let your curiosity roam free and try out a multitude of exciting activities. Embrace the spirit of adventure and let exploration be your compass for a fulfilling summer. As the lyrics of John Mayer's song "Wildfire" aptly remind us, "a little bit of summer's what the whole year is all about."

25 Best Things To Do In The Summer Holidays  | Amber (2024)
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