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Best Carpet Cleaning Services of 2023 (1)

Erica Puisis

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Updated on Dec 09, 2022

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Best Carpet Cleaning Services of 2023 (2)

While carpeted floors provide comfort and softness, they are also prone to trapping dirt, allergens, and pet hair in between their fibers. Plus, foot traffic and spills can easily soil or stain your carpets. While you might be vigilant about vacuuming, you may need the help of a carpet cleaning service to keep your carpets looking and feeling as good as possible.

Conventional carpet cleaning companies use hot water extraction to do a deep cleaning. This method is known to be effective at removing dirt and allergens, but the large amount of water that's needed may lead to long drying times. There are also concerns over the safety of carpet cleaning chemicals, so some companies have switched to natural or eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions. Give your carpets a fresh start with the help of one of these best carpet cleaning services.

Best Carpet Cleaning Services of 2022

Best Overall: COIT

Best Carpet Cleaning Services of 2023 (3)

Why We Chose It: COIT’s techniques and training give it an edge over the competition.

What We Like

  • Adheres to IICRC standards for carpet cleaning professionals
  • Service includes vacuuming with industrial-grade machines prior to treatment
  • Offers additional services, like area rug cleaning

What We Don’t Like

  • Hot water extraction means longer drying times
  • Minimum service charge

In business since 1950, COIT brings decades of experience to the carpet cleaning world and ensures that its technicians are trained to IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) standards. This training and experience mean that you can count on a professional, quality cleaning—and if you’re not satisfied with the service you receive, you can request a re-cleaning or refund.

COIT’s hot water extraction will give your carpets a thorough cleaning. Unlike some other companies, the service starts with an in-depth vacuuming using COIT’s truck-mounted vacuum cleaners. This step removes surface dirt, debris, and allergens and readies carpet fibers for a hot water extraction process.

Hot water extraction gives fibers a deep clean and removes visible stains and dirt embedded in the fibers. While COIT's truck-mounted vacuums do a superb job of sucking up moisture from your carpet pad and fibers when compared to DIY carpet cleaning machines, you’ll still have to deal with damp carpets for a day or two.

With locations across the United States, rates are competitive with other major carpet cleaning companies, but COIT does have a minimum charge. So, it’s not the best choice if you only have one room to clean. A free in-home estimate is the best way to determine what your costs will be.

Best for Allergies: Stanley Steemer

Best Carpet Cleaning Services of 2023 (4)

Why We Chose It: The hot water extraction method utilized by Stanley Steemer removes nearly all of the most common household allergens, leaving your carpets cleaner and less likely to trigger a bout of sneezing.

What We Like

  • Online quote tool provides instant rates
  • Additional services are available for deep cleaning your home

What We Don’t Like

  • Expect damp carpeting for up to a day
  • Minimum service charge of $129

Carpeting is soft on your feet but can be tough on your allergies. The fibers and padding can hide common allergens such as dander, pet hair, pollen, dust mites, and other triggers that keep you sneezing and wheezing. If you suffer from allergies, make it a point to periodically have a carpet cleaning company professionally treat your carpets. Steam carpet cleaning is often recommended for allergy sufferers because the process removes a vast majority of the most common allergens hiding in carpet fibers.

Stanley Steemer is a popular name in the business and is a top pick as a carpet cleaning company for allergies. Using a hot water extraction method—also sometimes referred to as steam cleaning for the hot, moist air that is a byproduct of the process—professional cleaners remove up to 94 percent of allergens that plague people.

Once the treatment is complete, you’ll have softer, brighter carpets with fewer allergens to combat. However, this method does require drying time. Stanley Steemer advises you to plan on eight to 24 hours for the carpet to fully dry, depending on the airflow and humidity levels within the room.

Obtain a quick online quote to find pricing for your home, but be prepared to pay a premium if you have limited carpeting to clean. Stanley Steemer charges a minimum of $129 for each job, making it cost-effective only if you have plenty of carpeting to clean.

Best Natural: Zerorez

Best Carpet Cleaning Services of 2023 (5)

Why We Chose It: Zerorez stands apart from other carpet cleaners by using a residue-free, water-based cleaning system that is both natural and effective.

What We Like

  • Does not use chemicals or solvents
  • Offers a 30-day cleaning guarantee

What We Don’t Like

  • May not clean as deeply as other methods

For a natural carpet cleaning company, it’s hard to beat the chemical-free approach and long-lasting results of Zerorez. While many companies use soap, solvents, or chemicals to lift dirt from fibers, Zerorez treats your carpets with electrolyzed and oxidized water. This patented cleaning process results in no soapy residue left behind, which is a major source of attracted dirt and dingy-looking fibers weeks and months after cleaning. Zerorez offers a satisfaction guarantee that ensures you’ll be happy with your carpet cleaning for at least a month.

Zerorez points out that its Powered Water is powerful enough to clean but safe enough to drink. If you have children or pets that spend time crawling or lounging on your carpets, you’ll feel better knowing that there are no chemicals left behind. Keep in mind that this carpet cleaning method may take between 4 and 8 hours to dry, though this will vary based on temperature, humidity, and other factors.

Best Fast-Drying: Chem-Dry

Best Carpet Cleaning Services of 2023 (6)

Why We Chose It: Don’t sacrifice a good clean for a quick-dry—instead, get both with the Hot Carbonating Extraction method used by Chem-Dry carpet cleaners.

What We Like

  • Carpets dry in 1 to 2 hours
  • Safer choice for carpets where colorfastness may be an issue
  • Uses green cleaning products

What We Don’t Like

  • Rooms over 200 square feet in size may incur additional charges

If the idea of soggy carpeting for a day (or more) and damp socks makes you cringe, then check out the quick-drying carpet cleaning services of Chem-Dry. This company uses its Hot Carbonating Extraction process to effectively remove dirt and debris from your carpet fibers, with 80 percent less water used than hot steam carpet cleaning methods. As a result, carpets cleaned by Chem-Dry are generally dry within 1 to 2 hours.

Chem-Dry’s cleaning process uses a green, carbonated cleaning solution. The bubbles within the formula act to break apart dirt and bring it to the surface of your carpet, where a small amount of water is used to draw the residue into the machine. With less water soaking into your carpet fibers and pad, you can enjoy dry, soft carpet fibers more quickly. Chem-Dry’s hot carbonation cleaning method is also a good choice if you’re concerned about how colorfast your carpet fibers may be.

Best Eco-Friendly: Oxi-Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning Services of 2023 (7)

Why We Chose It: Using a fraction of the water required by conventional steam carpet cleaners, Oxi Fresh minimizes water usage and emphasizes green ingredients for a carpet cleaning session that is planet-friendly.

What We Like

  • Minimal water usage required for a thorough, deep clean
  • Cleaning formula is EPA certified
  • Faster drying times thanks to reduced water usage

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can get expensive

Conventional carpet cleaning is known for requiring lots of water and using harsh solvents or chemicals. Many homeowners are seeking an eco-friendly carpet cleaning service to avoid water waste and minimize exposure to harsh chemicals, which is where Oxi Fresh comes in.

While bonnet carpet cleaners or steam carpet cleaning machines are often used to clean carpets, these machines can be harsh on carpet fibers or require extensive rinsing. On the other hand, Oxi Fresh utilizes an oxygenated cleaning product to break up dirt and an encapsulator formula to capture the particles. The encapsulator is an EPA Safer Choice certified product, so you can feel confident about the cleaning formula being used in your home.

The benefit of Oxi Fresh’s carpet cleaning method is a major reduction in the need for water usage. When compared to steam cleaning, Oxi Fresh effectively cleans using nearly 90 percent less water than conventional carpet cleaning machines would require. As an example, this eco-friendly cleaning company uses just 2.6 gallons of water to clean three carpeted rooms-in comparison to an average of 24 gallons of water with hot steam extraction methods. The limited amount of water used also means your carpets will be dry in about an hour.

Best Budget: USA Clean Master

Best Carpet Cleaning Services of 2023 (8)

Why We Chose It: Competitive pricing plus recurring discounts for loyalty club members make USA Clean Master an affordable option for regular carpet cleaning.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Discount available to repeat customers via a loyalty program

What We Don’t Like

  • May use a portable cleaning machine

Regular carpet cleaning is one way to maintain the plush feel of carpet fibers and eliminate embedded dirt and allergens. An annual carpet cleaning service is also sometimes required to keep your carpet’s warranty in effect. A regular professional carpet cleaning by USA Clean Master might not be as expensive as you think, thanks to competitive pricing and discounts for loyalty members.

Technicians utilize a hot water extraction method and green cleaning products. Unlike some other companies, most residential carpets are cleaned using a portable carpet cleaning machine, rather than a high-powered, truck-mounted one. This might seem like a sacrifice of power and performance, but USA Clean Master does offer a guarantee on cleaning services and will return to reclean areas that don’t meet your standards. The company claims that the carpet will typically be dry in four to six hours, but may take longer depending on conditions.

This budget carpet cleaning company serves metropolitan areas across the United States. To see if they are in your area, you can put your zip code in on the website. To offer the best value in carpet cleaning, USA Clean Master offers a $10 discount on your first carpet cleaning if you enroll as a member. Membership is free and doesn’t obligate you to a minimum spend—it just entitles you to a recurring savings of 10 percent on future orders and gives you access to cleaning promotions throughout the year.

Best for Emergencies: SERVPRO

Best Carpet Cleaning Services of 2023 (9)

Why We Chose It: Known for around-the-clock services, SERVPRO responds when your carpets need cleaning right away due to flooding, storms, or other emergencies.

What We Like

  • Customer service center is available 24 hours a day to dispatch a cleaning professional
  • Offers a variety of cleaning methods including steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning
  • Experienced with water damage restoration

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks options for natural cleaning products

Home flooding caused by plumbing problems, a leaky appliance, or a storm can wreak havoc on your carpeting. A quick response time can mean the difference between salvaging or ruining your carpet. SERVPRO is ready and waiting to provide emergency carpet cleaning with services available on short notice, even the same day. With nationwide offices, SERVPRO handles both residential and commercial cleaning needs and has experience working with insurance companies to fulfill claims for damage to your home.

SERVPRO is often called upon to provide remediation services after fires, storms, floods, and more and specializes in water damage restoration. When it comes to carpet cleaning, the company offers both several methods including wet and dry options. Emergency carpet cleaning aims to remove dirt, odors, mildew, and more and manages the drying process to ensure that future problems with mold and mildew are avoided. Experienced restoration cleaning technicians will assess your carpet’s condition, the extent of the damage, and suggest the best cleaning strategy and advise you of the cost to restore your carpet.

Final Verdict

Carpet cleaning companies help preserve the look and feel of your home’s carpeting, but there are differences in cleaning methods and machines to consider. COIT is one of the best carpet cleaning companies with a nationwide presence. Known for training technicians to the standards of the IICRC, these carpet cleaners are knowledgable when it comes to extracting dirt, debris, and allergens from your carpet and use high-powered, truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines. However, steam cleaning carpets does mean dealing with damp fibers for 24 hours or more, so it’s not the best choice for everyone.

A growing category of carpet cleaners focuses on green cleaning methods. For a natural carpet cleaning company, check out Zerorez, which uses electrolyzed and oxidized water for a gentle but thorough cleaning without the use of chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Carpet Cleaning Services?

Carpet cleaning companies provide specialized services for cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting in your home. Many of these companies also offer complementary services, like cleaning area rugs, air ducts, or upholstery.

Why Use a Carpet Cleaning Service?

While do-it-yourself rental machines and smaller home carpet cleaning machines exist, a carpet cleaning company uses advanced methods to deep clean your carpets and promote thorough, efficient drying that minimizes the risk of mold and mildew.

Homeowners who have installed wall-to-wall carpeting should especially consider hiring a carpet cleaning company because many carpet manufacturers require proof of regular carpet cleaning to honor warranty claims.

How Much Do Carpet Cleaning Services Cost?

Most carpet cleaners charge by the room, with the best deal usually resulting from having several rooms cleaned at the same time. Areas like hallways or stairs will generally incur additional costs. Most carpet cleaning companies provide estimates over the phone, though we were able to complete some initial estimates using instant, online tools.

Many carpet cleaning companies use promotions and coupons to promote their services. Taking advantage of these offers can mean scoring carpet cleaning services for around $90 for three rooms. However, some of the bigger names in the business charge a premium price with higher service fee minimums, ranging from $200 to $300.

How We Chose the Best Carpet Cleaning Services

To identify leading carpet cleaning companies, we evaluated companies with a national presence and a focus on cleaning residential carpeting; for the purposes of this article, we skipped over companies that only service commercial carpeting.

For every company evaluated, we compared the specific carpet cleaning method (such as hot water extraction, carbonating extraction systems, or another proprietary method), estimated drying time, and any minimum service fees (where applicable). We also took note of eco-friendly cleaning solvents or a focus on reducing wastewater. If a company offers a guarantee for services, this was factored in as well.

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