Carpet Cleaning: How often Should You? (2024)

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Having a carpet in your home makes any room feel cozy. Everyone in your household enjoys it: your family, guests, neighbors and pets. With all the traffic in your home, how long will your carpet stay clean?

Your carpet’s life depends on the care you give it. Your carpet is a major part of your home’s comfort, and you want it to look its best. People wonder, “How often should you shampoo carpets?” and “Do carpet cleaners get stains out?” Professionals recommend having someone professionally clean your carpets every 12 to 18 months to remove dirt.

Between professional carpet cleanings, you should be maintaining your household’s cleanliness. Regular cleaning keeps your carpet free from bacteria and dirt that can hang out between the fibers.

Many factors in your home can contribute to dirt and bacterial buildup in your carpet. A dirty carpet may start to look or even smell bad as a result.

Maintain a cleaner home, and your carpet will last longer and look great. Learn about the different factors that contribute to dirty carpets and tips for keeping your carpet clean.

Should Pets and Kids Factor Into How Often You Need to Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

Many families include pets and children, which can be sweet and cute, but sometimes cause a mess in your home. These are factors in your carpet’s cleanliness and how often you should professionally shampoo your carpet.

Kids and Your Carpet

There’s a good chance your children hang out and play in a carpeted room most of the time. Carpeting is soft and safer if a child falls, making it a great flooring option for a playroom or living room.

But carpets can hold dirt and germs if they aren’t clean. This exposure can be a hazard to a child’s health. If you have a baby or a younger child, their hands are always touching the carpet. Ensuring the carpet is clean makes it safer for children to play on.

Children can also be prone to spills or messes. If you have kids, you’ve probably experienced spilled fruit juice on the carpet or muddy footprints tracked into the house. Stains may happen to your carpet, and it’s essential to know how to care for them. If you need extra help with tough stains, professional carpet cleaners have the tools to get stains out of carpets.

Your furry friend brings so much joy into your life, but they can also bring hair, dirt and stains. Pets are a significant factor in how often you need to clean or vacuum your carpets.

Most pet owners are aware of the cleaning changes they need to make once they have a pet at home. Many pets shed, and you can find their hair on furniture and your carpet. Pet owners should vacuum their carpets often to remove pet hair and allergens.

You should also be aware of mud tracked in the house or accidents that can stain your carpet. If you need tips on removing pet stains and odors from your carpet, the Humane Society provides excellent advice for pet owners.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Installing carpet in your home is an investment you want to stay clean and beautiful. People should use the proper resources to keep their carpets looking nice and prolong their life. You’ll want to avoid some cleaning practices because of the wear and tear they can cause to your carpet.

1. Using Too Much Force on Carpet Stains

When you spill something on your carpet, your first instinct may be to start scrubbing the stain hard in a panic. But using too much elbow grease on carpet stains can make the stain worse.

Forcefully cleaning a stain can push the substance further into the carpet fibers, making it challenging to remove. You can also damage carpet fibers if you scrub too hard. Carefully blot stains to remove them from the carpet. Also, use the correct cleaning products to completely take the stain out of the carpet.

2. Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

Different materials make up the fibers in carpets, and each component responds well to specific cleaning supplies. Using the wrong cleaning products can cause damage to your carpet or not clean the stain properly. Research the best cleaning products to use on your carpet.

3. Rarely Vacuuming

You need to vacuum your carpet often, especially if you have kids or pets in your house. Your carpet can collect hair, dust and dirt every day. Vacuuming your carpet regularly, even when there isn’t a noticeable mess, keeps it clean and prevents it from becoming matted. How often you vacuum your carpet determines how soft it stays.

4. Not Having Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Sometimes, you need to provide some needed attention to your carpet. Going years without having a professional clean your carpet can be harmful. When you’ve done as much as you can, and it’s still dirty, having it professionally cleaned is the answer.

How to Extend Your Carpet’s Life

Preserving your carpet can make it look fresh, make it last longer and keep you and your family healthy. You don’t want a dirty carpet in your home. Cleaning your carpet takes effort, but it is worth it when you have a beautiful home to enjoy.

Use these helpful tips to extend your carpet’s life.

1. Use Mats and Rugs

Mats and rugs add an extra layer of protection to your carpet. You can place these in high-traffic areas to avoid getting dirt on the carpet. Mats and rugs are also typically easier to clean than carpet. They protect your carpet while beautifying your home.

2. Clean Stains Right Away

Letting stains stay on your floor for a long time can make them more challenging to remove. Cleaning them up right away will ease the work of eliminating them.

3. Prevent Matted Carpet

Matted-down carpet can happen when you don’t vacuum as often as you need to. Vacuuming every week can pick up dirt and oils in your carpet that would cause the fibers to clump together. You want your carpet to stay soft and looking new as long as possible.

4. Don’t Wear Shoes in Your House

You and your family can track all kinds of dirt and germs into your home. Set a household rule to have everyone take off their shoes as soon as they enter your house, or expressly forbid wearing shoes on the carpet. This standard will prevent dirt or anything else on the bottom of people’s shoes from getting on the carpet.

Regular Cleaning of Your Home Can Help Prolong the Time Between Carpet Cleaning

Overall, keeping your home clean can increase the time between professional carpet cleanings. Sometimes, life can get in the way of taking care of your home, and the team at Maid Bright can help.

Maid Bright provides residential cleaning services that will keep your home healthy and extend the time between professional cleanings. Schedule a free in-home estimate today.

Carpet Cleaning: How often Should You? (2024)
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