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What Was Once L.U.S.T. Has Now Become A Full Blown Iconic Musical Love Affair

Reggae music is all about vibes and melodies and iconic group L.U.S.T. embodies both of these elements. With vocal abilities that are out of this world, and notes so synchronized that they harmonize perfectly, L.U.S.T. is simply in a league of their own! Reggae Singing group L.U.S.T., which stands for Love, Understanding, Sensitivity and Trust, was formed in 1997 with a line-up comprised of Lukie D, Tony Curtis, Singing Melody and Thriller U.


The group’s membership includes different talents, and when the members set out to record new music, each one adds a distinctive flavor to the recording session. It is their variances that makes the group so unique and allows the partnership to work.

Lukie D is one of the geniuses of the group. He has this innate ability to select the right songs and the ideal time to perform them. With his innovative contributions, he is considered the leader of the group.
Singing Melody is described as the technician, or the undercover engineer, of the group. He actually records most of L.U.S.T.’s music. He has a type A personality, drawing on his drive to be the best, and he is responsible for the spicy notes on every song.

Thriller U is said to be the go-to person when it comes to how the background vocals should be set, and has a very professional demeanor. He is considered the glue that holds the group together.
Tony Curtis is all about vibes and stage presence. He is very vibrant and sets the tone of the show. He has the ability to lift everyone’s spirit when he’s on stage, and gets them ready for an amazing experience.
Singing Melody stated in a 2015 Irie FM interview, “To be honest, I don’t see how we would have L.U.S.T. without each other.”

The L.U.S.T. line-up was recruited by Paul ‘Bankeylous’ Giscombe, who recognized the singers’ individual skills, and ensured their independent careers would not suffer. The group gained major notoriety, when they performed at the MIDEM 97 Festival in France. They also received accolades at the 1997 Tamika Reggae Awards in New York.


Though L.U.S.T. was taking off, the members of the group still wanted to pursue their individual paths. Though Giscombe initially reassured the group that they could do both, Lukie D was not convinced, and in the latter half of 1998, the singer felt that the group had not progressed. He decided that he needed to concentrate on his solo work.

Determined to promote his group, Giscombe subsequently recruited Rik Rok, who previously worked with artists such as Mikey Bennett, Shaggy and Patra. In 1998, Rik Rok worked in the studio, alongside the remaining members of the group, and embarked on a hectic touring schedule, including a notable performance at the Beach Line Stage Show.

Rik Rok initially experienced disapproval from the Reggae media, who were adamant that it would be virtually impossible to substitute Lukie D’s succinct vocal style; although judging from videos of his performance the audience clearly disagreed with the journalists’ opinions. The singer approached the negative tabloid observations with conviction, and performed in his own inimitable style.


Through the slight controversy, the group found its way back together, and while it maintained a high media profile, together, they worked through their indifferences and remained united. The group released two albums, “Sweetness of Your Love” in (2007), and “Inspiration” in (2010), while experiencing solo successes. ‘Sweetness of Your Love’ topped the Reggae charts worldwide and the group went on to receive numerous awards.
In 2019, the group came together at the famous Big Yard Studios, and performed a nearly one-hour freestyle set for BBC Radio 1xtra. This was an iconic moment, and solidified its place among the elites in Reggae music. The performance is available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, and has already garnered over 1 million views.

L.U.S.T. is a staple in Reggae music, and if lightning struck once to create this group, I don’t believe it will strike twice to create another as amazing as it is. When asked what is the secret behind their longevity, Singing Melody told Irie FM “L.U.S.T. is a family, and no matter how our individual careers go, we’re still gonna stay together.”

L.U.S.T. - Caribbean Elite Magazine (2024)
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