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The winter can often feel endless, and it’s normal to look forward to spring and all the changes it brings. The flowers are blooming, and everything starts to look a whole lot greener. Creating a bucket list is the best way to experience the best of spring.

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Spring is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. It builds anticipation for the summer ahead, and it’s a time to dust off the chill of the colder months. Some activities are sweeter during the spring, so fill your calendar with this list of 25 must-do spring activities.

Spring Bucket List Ideas for Families

Families understandably might go a bit stir crazy in the winter when everyone’s stuck inside. Once things begin to thaw, it’s time to get out and about with this list of spring bucket list ideas for families.

1. Go hiking

Seeing nature in all of its glory is one of the best parts of the springtime. Taking a walk as a family or going on a hike on a local trail lets you see that natural cycle of life in action.

2. Visit a farm

Most parts of the world are within driving distance of a local farm. In the spring, these places come alive more than usual. Many farms open their doors to the public and welcome guests to enjoy some fresh produce and explore.

3. Have a picnic

There’s something magical about eating outside. Pack a lunch, bring a blanket, and join the family on an outdoor picnic.

4. Fly a kite

The perfect time to fly a kite is on a breezy spring day. While it’s a bit of a challenge to get the kite to take off, it’s exhilarating when it’s finally flying high.

5. Plant a small garden

Gardening is a fun hobby that the entire family can get in on. For younger kids, gardening is also a great way to experience caring for another living thing.

6. Make a bird feeder

Crafting as a family can be a fun activity. Making a bird feeder is simple for kids of all ages, and it comes with a big reward. Being able to watch the birds visit your yard is a treat of its own!

7. Spring cleaning

Though this isn’t as fun as other things on this list, it certainly can be. Spring cleaning makes room for more fun in the summertime, so take some time to sort through toys and clothes for donations during the spring.

8. Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day takes place every April, and it’s a great opportunity to introduce kids to sustainability. Talk about the importance of protecting the environment, and get everyone in on the fun.

Spring Bucket List Ideas for Kids and Toddlers

Including the little ones in on the fun is the best way to get everyone excited about the changing seasons. When it comes to including kids and toddlers, here are some age-appropriate activities.

9. Make an outdoor fort

With the weather getting nicer, now is the time to get crafty outside. Making an outdoor fort can be as simple as using a few sheets and boxes, but it affords endless hours of fun.

10. Bake treats

Baking is fun all times of the year, and spring is no exception. Since the weather is less chilly, this is the perfect time to whip out new recipes like pie, cookies, or cupcakes. Think about some fun spring decorations, and you’ve got yourself the perfect afternoon activity.

11. Go to a museum

Spring is actually a great time to visit local museums. The summer crowds aren’t quite at their peak yet, so you can take advantage of the full range of offerings with your kids.

12. Host a tea party

In Victorian times, spring meant tea parties. This upscale activity is fun for kids (and adults) of all ages. All you need is a tea set, some snacks, and tea or lemonade. How fancy!

13. Pick wildflowers

Some of your local blooms might surprise you with how gorgeous they are. If you have any wildflowers near you, spend an afternoon picking your favorites as a family.

14. Stargaze outside

Because nighttime is less chilly, this is the perfect time to go stargazing. Looking up at the night sky is exciting for kids of all ages!

15. Play an outdoor game

By now, the little ones are tired of indoor games. It’s time to take things outside. Outdoor games like frisbee or crochet are a lot of fun in the springtime.

16. Visit a local park

If there are any local parks near you, now is the time to visit. Crowds are still low before the summertime, and there is so much to explore.

Spring Bucket List Ideas for Couples

From new date night ideas to the perfect day outside, spring is a great season for couples. Try these ideas below to sweeten things with your special someone. Read our guide on couples bucket list ideas for more.

17. Take a weekend trip

Taking a short trip together as a couple is not only a great way to test your relationship, but it lets you see your significant other in a new environment.

18. Volunteer together

Why not do good this spring? There are countless big and small ways to give back, so why not put your spring to good use by volunteering?

19. Go to a baseball game.

In the U.S., the arrival of spring means the start of baseball season. Even if you’re a new fan, you can still jump in on the action when you head to a ball game.

20. Visit the farmer’s market

Spend the morning at a local farmer’s market together. Pick fresh produce and then cook dinner for two!

21. Exercise outdoors

Who said you need to go to the gym to get a good workout? There are plenty of ways to exercise outside together from running to kayaking.

22. See live music

The spring is also prime time for outdoor concerts. You can find a local, cheap show or see someone you’ve always admired.

23. See a drive-in movie

While you might need to travel far to find this nowadays, it’s definitely worth the extra effort. There’s nothing cozier than watching a movie in your car with your special someone.

24. Go mini-golfing

It doesn't matter if you’re awful at mini-golf, this is still a super fun date idea. It’s perfect for those cool spring nights.

Spring Break Bucket List Ideas

If you’re wondering how to make a travel bucket list or what to do during your next spring break, we’ve got you covered. Spring break is all about exploring or relaxing, depending on your style.

25. Go to the beach

Whether you just take a stroll along the sand or sunbath in the warm weather, visiting the beach is the ultimate spring break activity.

26. Travel to a new country

If it’s in the budget, traveling to another country is an exciting change of pace for your spring break.

27. Go on a road trip

All you need is a playlist, a destination, and some friends to hit the road. A road trip really proves that life is about the journey, not the destination.

28. Read (and finish) a book

It’s easy to pick up a new novel off the bestseller shelves, but how often do you actually finish it? Taking the time to read and finish a book is a huge spring break accomplishment.

29. Have a staycation

If you can’t afford a vacation, why not a “staycation?” Basically, treat your own city like you’re a tourist seeing it for the first time. What would you explore?

30. Send a postcard

Take a bit of time to reach out to someone in your life with a postcard. These are a fun memento they can hold onto forever.

31. Host a dinner

Another great way to connect with loved ones is to host a dinner. Invite some friends and family over and serve your favorite meal.

32. Take a day trip

Last but not least, take a day trip somewhere new. Whether it’s to a local city or a new park, it’s sure to be an adventure.

Early Spring Bucket List Ideas

When it’s just starting to get warm as the season’s change, start spring off with fun activities. You don’t have to wait until the first “official” day of spring to get in on the action. Here are some activities that are perfect for early spring when the weather isn’t quite warm yet.

33. Eat strawberry shortcake

Few things put you in the spring spirit like sweet treats, especially strawberry shortcake. This is a delicious dessert, and it’s also something you can make yourself. This is a classic spring dessert for a reason!

34. Go bird watching

Bird watching can be an exciting activity, especially in the spring. Spring is the migration season for most birds, so this is when they’re the most active. Birds return to the summer hemisphere after the winter, and you can spot large groups of migrating flocks.

35. Hold a garage sale

Another key part of spring is spring cleaning. Welcome the change of seasons by getting rid of some old things you no longer need. Plus, with a garage sale, you can earn some spending money to fund the rest of your spring bucket list!

36. Make an herb garden

You don’t have to wait until summer to plant an herb garden. As soon as March rolls around, the weather should be perfect for starting your very own herb garden. Not only will this inspire some springtime cuisine, but it’s also easy to start at home.

37. Go for a long walk

After a long winter, sometimes you just want to walk outside. As the weather warms up, take some time to explore the warmer air and brighter days with a long walk in your neighborhood.

38. Rainy day photography

Why not take advantage of those early spring rainy days? The rain can be exciting, after all. Book a rainy day photography session, getting in some funky umbrella shots by yourself or with a partner.

39. Dine alfresco

Dining alfresco is when you eat outside. Though you can enjoy a picnic, you can also dine alfresco at your favorite restaurants that have outdoor seating. This is perfect in the early spring when the weather is cool and the days are getting longer.

40. Celebrate Pi Day

Pi Day is every year on March 14th (3/14), and this is the perfect time to celebrate. Bake a pie of your own and share it with friends. Yum! Who knew math could be so fun?

41. Ride a bike

Biking around the town isn’t a winter-friendly activity, but it’s perfect for early spring. Dust off your old bike or rent one to enjoy the warmer weather and changing seasons. Sometimes a breath of fresh air is all you need.

Spring Bucket List Ideas for a Group of Friends

Enjoying the spring with your best friends? Here are our favorite spring bucket list ideas for any friend group. It’s all about trying new things together.

42. Go berry picking

Another must-do in the spring that’s fun for a whole group of friends is berry picking. In the spring, many local farms open up for u-pick activities. This means you can pick your own in-season fruits and berries!

43. Rent a paddle board

As the winter begins to end, this is the perfect time to head out on the water. Rent a paddle board with friends and hit the lake, exploring new parts of your favorite waterways.

44. Plan a summer vacation

Though you might not be ready to head out on your ultimate trip just yet, this is the perfect time to plan your summer vacation. Recruit your friends and family and plan your trip. When you start early, you can snag better deals.

45. Clean a park

Since spring is when we celebrate Earth Day, do extra good this year by cleaning a park. When you clean together as friends, you accomplish so much more in less time. You can volunteer to make your city a greener, cleaner place.

46. Organize a scavenger hunt

No matter your age, scavenger hunts never get old. While you can join a premade scavenger hunt, don’t be afraid to put together your own. Include your favorite spots, parks, and must-dos to make a unique experience.

47. Enjoy rooftop drinks

If you’re getting together with friends after the cold winter, why not go outside? Rooftop drinks are the best of both worlds, mixing dining with the great outdoors in the best way possible.

48. Visit a winery

Speaking of drinks, spring is also the best time to visit a local winery. Not only are they bottling new wines, but you can also tour the gorgeous grounds without the crowds and heat of summer. Don’t forget to bring a few bottles home!

49. Play golf

If mini golfing isn’t challenging enough, recruit some friends for a game of real golf. Not sure how to play? Spring is also the best time to get lessons or join a class.

50. Visit a theme park

While most theme parks close during the wintertime, they start to open to guests again in the spring. Avoid the summer crowds by booking a trip in the spring. It’s sure to be a blast for everyone.

51. Find a festival

Last but not least, find a local festival to enjoy this spring. There are so many fun events, from concerts to seasonal favorites. This is the perfect outing for your entire friend group.

Make the Most of the Season

Spring is the season that’s overlooked the most often. It’s not as warm as the summer, and it doesn’t have the same exciting holidays as the winter. That being said, spring is still a great time to have fun either on your own or with the ones you love. Whether you’re planning activities for the whole family or you’re looking for exciting things to do over spring break, this list has you covered.

Do you have a bucket list? Making a summer bucket list in addition to your spring bucket list is a great way to prepare for the seasons ahead. With so many daily distractions and worries getting in our way, having something to look forward to like a must-do list of activities makes life a little bit sweeter.

List of 50+ Must-Do Spring Bucket List Activities | Cake Blog (2024)
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