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Summer is right around the corner and if you are looking for things to do in the summer with teens in 2022 this blog post about summer activities for teens is just what you have been looking for!

If your kids are anything like mine, they always claim to be bored out of their minds every single summer. You know what I am talking about, right? Well, the way I have been able to avoid that has been by creating a bucket list every season for our family. These bucket lists give the entire family something to look forward to and keep the kids busy and entertained.

With that said, I know teens are a little harder to keep busy, so with summer around the corner I decided to create these summer activities for teens list with the help of both my teens. And together we came up with 80+ summer activities for teenagers of all ages. SO whether you are looking for summer activities for 13-year-olds or summer activities for 15-year-olds, or whatever their age, these summer activities will surely keep them busy and having fun this summer of 2022!

I have included one prefilled summer activities for teens list, and one blank one so that you and/or your teen can create one with only the activities you want to try to do this summer. Enjoy!

This post is all about summer activities for teens.

Summer Activities For Teens | 80+ Ideas To Try

  1. Have a balloon fight with friends.
  2. Go to the beach.
  3. Go fly kites at the beach.
  4. Have a water gun battle.
  5. Play volleyball at the park or beach.
  6. Have a picnic at a park.
  7. Make S’Mores.
  8. Go rollerblading to a pier or a nice park.
  9. Purge and organize your closet.
  10. Make it a summer tradition to try a new ice cream flavor every Friday. (or whatever day you prefer)
  11. Start a summer book club.
  12. Go bike riding on a bike trail.
  13. Decorate your bedroom.
  14. Rearrange your bedroom furniture.
  15. Have a Nerf gun battle.
  16. Install LED lights in your bedroom.
  17. Invite friends over for a game night.
  18. Add LED lights to your bike wheels.
  19. Create a summer 2022 scrapbook.
  20. Volunteer time at a dog rescue center.
  21. Start a movie series.
  22. Purge your room and donate unwanted items.
  23. Create an epic Spotify playlist.
  24. Organize all your photos by year.
  25. Try new hairstyles.
  26. Try new sodas and mix and match flavors.
  27. Make homemade pizza.
  28. Start a new puzzle.
  29. Vlog your summer fun and make a video at the end of the summer.
  30. Make matching jewelry with friends.
  31. Attend a painting class.
  32. Plant a garden.
  33. Attend all the free museums in your area.
  34. Learn to make homemade ice cream.
  35. Tie-dye, hats, towels, shoes, shirts, etc.
  36. Take a lot of pictures.
  37. Ask your parents for extra chores to earn money.
  38. Make a quilt.
  39. Learn to knit.
  40. Make a charcuterie board. (here are some yummy ideas)
  41. Attend an outdoor movie in your neighborhood.
  42. Play water balloon dodgeball.
  43. Learn how to skateboard.
  44. Attend a baseball game.
  45. Make adream catcher.
  46. Go to the beach and build a huge sandcastle.
  47. Learn to makepaper airplanes.
  48. Make a pinata.
  49. Go for hikes.
  50. Try new recipes.
  51. Learn how to draw.
  52. Family movie night.
  53. Friends movie night.
  54. Visit your local library.
  55. Dye your hair.
  56. Make root beer floats.
  57. Make candles.
  58. Edit a family movie with your family home movies.
  59. Make yourself into a glow-in-the-dark stick figure.
  60. Make a dance video with friends and/orfamily.
  61. Create and bury a time capsule.
  62. Start journaling.
  63. Go thrift shopping.
  64. Go out for Froyo.
  65. Clean all your shoes.
  66. Go to a new mall with friends.
  67. Organize your phone home screen.
  68. Create art for your bedroom.
  69. Have a home spa day.
  70. Have a themed dinner night.
  71. Go paintball with friends/family.
  72. Backyard movie night.
  73. Have a BBQ.
  74. Learn to make sushi.
  75. Have pizza nights.
  76. Make banana splits.
  77. Learn calligraphy.
  78. Make a list of movies you want to watch over the summer.
  79. Go to a drive-in movie and take a lot of snacks.
  80. Learn about photography.
  81. Go to an escape room.
  82. Go to an amusem*nt park.
  83. Have a bonfire.
  84. Create a school memory box for your school memories.

Summer Activities For Teens | Free Printable

And there you have it! Hope this list of summer activities for teenagers helps your teen create an epic summer bucket list and have a summer they’ll remember forever!

If there are other ideas, feel free to share them in the comments to share with other readers. Happy summer!

This post showed you 80+ summer activities for teens.

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Summer Activities For Teens | 80+ Bucket List Ideas For Teens To Do This Summer 2022 - Full Circle With Jess (2024)
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