What to Wear on Vacation in Mexico (2024)

My husband and I recently went on an amazing trip to Mexico full of relaxing, soaking in the sun, eating delicious food, and of course, dressing in cute clothes! My suitcase was bursting at the seams full of swimsuits, colorful dresses, shorts, fun accessories, and more. I thought it would be fun to talk about the outfits I wore and the items that I packed. If you have a trip planned to Cabo, Cancun, or another sunny destination, bookmark this post as your guide on what to wear on vacation in Mexico.

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What to Wear Traveling to Mexico

When I’m traveling, I like to look for an outfit that is comfortable and wrinkle-free. This time I went with the SPANX Air Essentials Jumpsuit. I wore a light jacket on the way to the airport and on the plane. Then when we arrived in Mexico, I removed the jacket. The sleeveless jumpsuit was great for the hot and humid Mexican climate! You can see me wearing the jumpsuit here.

If you prefer to wear athleisure when traveling, a pair of leggings (these are my favorites) paired with white sneakers and a comfortable top would be great as well.

What to Wear During the Day

The outfits you choose for your day-to-day activities will differ depending on your itinerary in Mexico. You can skip these pieces if you plan to spend your entire trip relaxing by the pool or under a cabana. However, if you plan to explore the city, walk around the resort, or go to lunch, you will need to pack some pieces to wear during the day.

One of my favorite vacation-friendly combos is a patterned top with a neutral short or vice versa. I wore this navy and pink top paired with these navy shorts to a fun lunch date. It was cool and comfortable while still stylish. You could switch it up and choose a fun patterned short like these hot pink pull-on shorts from Loft styled with a white top. If you’re looking for more shorts and more short outfit inspiration, you can check out this post on the best shorts for women over 50.

What to Wear at the Beach or by the Pool

You’ll definitely want to pack several flattering swimsuits to wear at the beach or to the pool. Between prepping for my trip to Miami earlier in the year and this recent trip to Mexico, I think I have tried every swimsuit out there to find the best of the best. I typically pack one swimsuit per day.

ThisBandeau Twist Top Swimsuitis one of my favorites. I like detachable straps so you can take them down when sunning. The swimsuit also has molded cups and good coverage, and the color is gorgeous. If you prefer a two-piece, this black and whiteOne Shoulder Two Piece Tankini Bathing Suitis striking in person. I love that it is a 2-piece suit that looks like a one-piece. This suit is chic, stylish, flattering, and a tad on the sexy side. You can see more modest and flattering swimsuits for women over 40 here and also in this one piece swimsuit guide for women over 50.

Of course, you will also need cute cover-ups to wear over your swimsuits. It never fails that every time I wear this sheer button-down cover up that I get lots of compliments. I also love wearing kimonos as cover ups like this affordable, colorful one. I thought I would also share this super cute cover up dress by Tommy Bahama that could double as a dress to wear to lunch or shopping.

What to Wear for Dinner/At Night in Mexico

When I head somewhere tropical, I usually bring a lot of happy colors and fun patterns with me. This usually means my suitcase is loaded with fun sundresses in bold hues and floral prints. You can see all of the beautiful dresses I took to Miami in this post.

For this trip to Mexico with Joe, I brought this shirt dress covered in a cute travel-themed print. It had little airplanes, boats, postcards, etc. I paired it with these slide sandals with a low heel.

I also brought this sweet little belted dress with an eyelet ruffle hem in deep pink. I love wearing this color, especially when I have a tan! PS. My tan is from a bottle; you can get the perfect faux tan too. Just follow these directions!

I also usually make sure to bring a classy black dress. They are so versatile and can be worn for everything from dinner, to traveling home, to lunch, to throwing over your swimsuit for an easy cover up. I shared some ideas for styling a casual black dress here.

Accessories to Bring

The best part of getting dressed for me is adding accessories! Jewelry, scarves, and belts take up virtually zero room in your suitcase, so I always load up on a variety of colorful accessories (like these earrings that go with everything).

I usually bring a lot of woven and rattan items with me when I am heading to the beach or a tropical location. How fun are these raffia heels and these fan earrings? You can’t go wrong with a rattan beach tote or a straw clutch. If you need more ideas for beach bags, you can check out this roundup of the best vacation purses and totes.

I always bring an assortment of shoes with me. If we are going to be exploring, I like to bring a comfy shoes for walking. I usually wear waterproof shoes to the beach or pool like these slides. For daytime outfits, I typically bring a few casual sandals. For dinner, I usually wear dressy sandals or wedges. I covered all of my favorites in this post: Comfortable Shoes You Need for a Beach Vacation. Don’t forget to get your feet looking sandal ready with an at home pedicure!

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What to Wear on Vacation in Mexico (2024)
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