What To Wear With Grey Pants (Outfit Ideas For Men) (2023)

Grey can take you pretty much anywhere. Grey pants are versatile and stylish, with hundreds of different styles and shades to choose from. While some believe that black or navy is the best all-around color, there is actually a wider range of tones with light and dark grey pants. Fortunately, because of the diverse number of grey trousers available for men, there is a pair for every look and occasion.

Whether you’re dressing in casual wear, a business casual outfit, or a formal suit, it’s important to match your grey pants with the right shirt, shoes and jacket to create the perfect style. And like any type of menswear, knowing what goes with grey pants can be a challenge for guys who are just starting to buy clothes and build out a nice wardrobe. To help inspire you with outfit ideas, we’ll show you what to wear with grey pants for a fashionable look you’ll love.

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  • 1 What Colors Go with Grey Pants
  • 2 Grey Pants Outfits For Men
    • 2.1 Casual Grey Pants
    • 2.2 Smart Casual Grey Pants
    • 2.3 Semi-Formal Grey Pants
  • 3 What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Pants
    • 3.1 White Shirt Grey Pants
    • 3.2 Blue Shirt Grey Pants
    • 3.3 Black Shirt Grey Pants
  • 4 What Color Shoes To Wear with Grey Pants
    • 4.1 Grey Pants Brown Shoes
    • 4.2 Grey Pants Burgundy Shoes
    • 4.3 Grey Pants Black Shoes
  • 5 Types of Grey Pants
  • 6 What To Wear with Grey Pants For Men

What Colors Go with Grey Pants

Almost every color can go with grey, but you have to make sure that it is the right shade of grey. Bright spring colors and patterns will pair better with light grey pants than they will with dark grey, like gunmetal or charcoal. On the other hand, darker grey tends to pair well with black and dark blue. Pay attention to the tone of your pants as well. If they are in a warm shade, try something that echoes that warm hue, like brown or tan. Of course, none of these rules are set in stone. Feel free to experiment with different combinations to create interesting contrasts as well.

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Grey Pants Outfits For Men

Grey is a color that can be carried well into both formal and casual occasions. Grey dress pants in wool are a classic formal piece that pairs well with a blazer and tie. On the other hand, grey lends itself well to joggers for completely casual looks. You then have grey chinos and jeans to make up all the occasions in between. Pair your grey chinos with a blue button-down and a sweater for a classic smart-casual look for the fall or throw on a T-shirt and go out for a quick bite to eat.

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Casual Grey Pants

Grey pants are nearly as easy-going as your trusty blue jeans and should make an appearance when you are dressing in casual outfits. Grey jeans work even better than blue in modern distressed skinny cuts. Add grey jeans to your wardrobe and pair them with a clean white T-shirt for a simple casual look. Incorporate more colors on top of your grey denim to add more interest to your outfits. Try a maroon Henley or blue patterned short sleeve button down. Also, grey chinos are a great alternative to denim and can be used endlessly in casual outfits. Style them the same you would with grey denim, and you will achieve a relaxed, cool aesthetic.

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Smart Casual Grey Pants

Because they can be worn with so many other menswear staples, grey pants are an excellent choice for smart casual outfits. Similar to business casual attire, start simply by wearing your favorite pair of grey chinos with a white button-down. Layer a navy blazer on top for occasions a little more formal or try a field jacket for less dressy fall events. Throw on a pair of grey jeans with a short sleeve button down and white sneakers for a spring outdoor cocktail party.

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Semi-Formal Grey Pants

Guys can look stylish and fashionable in semi-formal grey pants, especially at the office or upscale events. For weddings or graduations, you’ll want to wear light grey dress pants for endless outfit options. As a dressy style that’s a step up from business casual, you can throw on a blazer and tie to get you through the ceremony. Remove the blazer, loosen your tie and then roll up the sleeves on that white shirt for a relaxed formal look that will make you the star of the afterparty. Layer a pair of dark grey slacks with pieces like sweaters, scarves, leather jackets, and wool blazers for occasions in the winter that call for both style and warmth.

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What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Pants

To create a cohesive outfit that looks well put together and flattering, you need to focus on wearing a color of shirt that works with your grey pants. There are dozens of options that will work well with grey pants, but when you are starting out, there are a few foolproof options. As with all pieces you own, the color won’t matter if the shirt doesn’t fit well on your body, so make sure you are buying shirts that flatter your shape.

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White Shirt Grey Pants

A white shirt with grey pants is a timeless option for nearly any occasion. Casually, a white Henley on top of grey chinos will make you the most stylish person in your coffee shop. A white Oxford cloth button-down with grey chinos and white sneakers is a great summer outfit for smart-casual occasions. This color combination works well even in the most formal settings. Pair a grey suit with a crisp white shirt for an outfit that will help you nail your next job interview or impress other guests at your next wedding. Mix it up by working a white shirt and grey dress pants with other separate pieces like a navy blazer. This color palette will work for you in any season and any occasion

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Blue Shirt Grey Pants

The look you can achieve with a blue shirt and grey pants is nearly as timeless as wearing a white shirt. Great for business and smart casual outfits, blue is an incredibly useful color in the world of men’s fashion, so you should look to wear it often. Try a pair of grey chinos with a classic powder blue button down for your go-to look. Mix it up by using different shades of blue and different fabrics. Work your grey jeans with a blue chambray shirt and brown boots to use this color combination in a completely different way. For more formal events, wear a light blue spread collar shirt with your grey suit. Finish that with a navy tie and brown loafers for a sophisticated modern look. In general, brown leather shades pair well with this color palette, so try mixing in leather bracelets, belts, and shoes where you can.

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Black Shirt Grey Pants

A black shirt on top of grey pants is a common combination. For casual looks, this black on top of grey trousers works incredibly well. A black T-shirt on top of grey jeans will always keep you looking cool and offers endless ways to accessorize. A black shirt underneath a mid or dark grey suit is a refined option for formal events. To finish this outfit off, add a pair of shined black leather shoes and a black belt.

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What Color Shoes To Wear with Grey Pants

As with your shirt, what color of shoe you choose to wear with your grey pants will determine how the outfit is received as a whole. Some colors are more formal while some are more relaxed, so choosing one that works well with your style is essential.

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Grey Pants Brown Shoes

Brown shoes are the most versatile shoes there are, and this includes when they are paired with grey pants. More formal outfits tend to look better with classic leather hues like chocolate or chestnut. However, when wearing light grey pants, try mixing in shoes in British tan or natural leather to give a fresh, bold look. In modern fashion, it is becoming more common to find brown shoes paired with dark grey or black pants, so don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from red carpet looks and runways.

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Grey Pants Burgundy Shoes

Burgundy shoes pair very well with grey pants. Though it is less common than some other shades of leather, burgundy is a very traditional choice for men’s shoes, but it does tend to be formal. Use burgundy shoes with grey pants to complement other red hues in your outfit. If you are wearing a pink shirt under a grey suit, a burgundy leather loafer will help pull the entire look together. Try to accent your burgundy shoes with a subtle red stripe in your tie or red accessories. Or, you can let them stand all on their own by wearing them with an understated grey suit with a white shirt.

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Grey Pants Black Shoes

Black shoes with grey pants are a combination that pairs naturally. Black leather shoes are considered formal, so wear them with caution in other settings. Adding shined black shoes to a charcoal suit will help you nail your next big meeting. Otherwise, you can dress black shoes down by trying black leather sneakers or loafers with slim grey pants. This will allow you to rock this combination without appearing overdressed or stuffy.

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Types of Grey Pants

While there are many different shades of the color grey, men also have different types of grey pants to consider. Whether you want to wear grey jeans, chinos, linen trousers, or dress pants, make sure the design, cut and fit match the rest of your outfit. Moreover, different kinds of pant styles allow for unique styling. For instance, chino pants can be rolled up to highlight white or black shoes. Similarly, jeans can be stuffed into brown boots for a casual relaxed look. Ultimately, a man’s wardrobe should have a few essential pieces that can be paired with grey pants to get the right aesthetic and suit the occasion.

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What To Wear with Grey Pants For Men

  • Grey pants work well for all types of occasions and dress codes
  • Wear grey jeans instead of blue denim jeans with a t-shirt and sneakers for a cool casual look.
  • Light grey pants are great in the summer, while dark grey pants look better in the winter.
  • Dark grey dress pants offer an alternative to slacks for formal events.
  • A white button-down shirt with a blazer and grey pants makes for a stylish business casual outfit.
  • Use white, black, and blue color shirts to complement grey pants.
  • Wear burgundy and black shoes for formal wear, and try brown for more relaxed look.
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