Who is the 5th Hokage in Naruto? (2023)

After the death of the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, during the Sound Village attack on the Hidden Leaf Village, by the hands of Orochimaru, a decision had to be made on who would be his successor to lead the village during these turbulent times. After turning down the position himself, Jiraiya (and by proxy Naruto who was under his tutelage at the time) was recruited to help persuade the next best candidate, none other than one of his fellow Sannin and former teammate, Tsunade. Please note that this will contain spoilers for both Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden.

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The granddaughter of the very first Hokage Hashirama Senju, Tsunade was revered as the shinobi world’s strongest kunoichi, as well as the greatest medical ninja in history. She is a pioneer that helped standardize the four ninja squad format and mandated that all teams should have at least one medical ninja in order to minimize casualties.

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However, she was not exactly eager to take on the mantle of Hokage at first. Jaded by the loss of her younger brother Nawaki and lover Dan Kato, who both wished to earn the title, she believes that only a fool would desire to become Hokage, and virtually cut all ties with the Hidden Leaf. After encountering Naruto’s fierce belief, and following an intense battle between her fellow Sannin, Tsunade finally has a change of heart and agrees to become Hokage, becoming the fifth to ever hold the title.

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  1. All about the 5th Hokage Tsunade
  2. The Life of Tsunade
  3. What are the abilities, Chakra and Physical Prowess of Tsunade?
  4. What are Tsunade’s Special Abilities?
  5. Top 5 quotes of Tsunade
  6. Tsunade’s Top Fights
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All about the 5th Hokage Tsunade

Alias“The Legendary Sucker”. “Konoha's Slug Princess Tsunade”
First Appearance in AnimeNaruto Episode #83 “Jiraiya: Naruto's Potential Disaster!”
Voice ActorsMasako Katsuki, Haruhi Terada, Debi Mae West , Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
BirthdateAugust 2
TeamTeam Hiruzen
VillageKonohagakure-Village Hidden in the Leaves

The Life of Tsunade

As the granddaughter of the first Hokage, Tsunade was promptly spoiled by her grandfather, earning her the title of “Princess”. Even as a child, she would take on some of his vices including his notorious gambling habits. After Hashirama passed, Tsunade would inherit his necklace, which would play a key role in her life. After graduating from Konoha’s academy, she would be placed in a team with the loud mouthed and lecherous Jiraiya and the quiet but reserved Orochimaru, under the tutelage of Hiruzen Sarutobi. As much as Jiraiya would tease her, he did have a soft spot for her which would only grow over time as she developed into a beautiful young woman.

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Tsunade had a younger brother Nawaki, who would constantly profess his desire to one day become Hokage to protect the village. On his twelfth birthday, Tsunade gifted him her pendant handed down by the First Hokage and kissed him on the forehead in order to encourage him in his dream. Tragically, Nawaki would be killed the very next day, as a casualty of the ongoing Second Shinobi World War. The pendant would return to her possession, and she would become an advocate for mandating at least one medical ninja on every four man squad in order to prevent future deaths like what happened to her brother.

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After losing two of the most important people in her life to disturbingly similar circumstances, Tsunade came to believe that her necklace is cursed to kill any who wear it besides her and becomes quite jaded at the entire idea of becoming Hokage, believing it to be something only fools would pursue. She would take Dan’s niece Shizune as an apprentice and travel across the land, leaving her to handle any healing or combat duties due to her crippling phobia. She would remain like this until a chance encounter with both her former teammates Orochimaru (seeking to restore his ruined arms after killing the Third Hokage) and Jiraiya (asking her to return to the village to become the very title she deposed), as well as a certain titular knuckleheaded ninja in an orange jumpsuit.

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What are the abilities, Chakra and Physical Prowess of Tsunade?

Tsunade’s most remarkable ability is her superhuman strength. It’s a combination of both her innate inherited genes from being a member of the Senju clan as well as her incredible chakra control allowing her forcefully discharge immense amounts of chakra at the point of contact. This gives her the capability of shattering even the most durable objects with ease, much less human flesh.

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Equally impressive to her superhuman strength is her capabilities as a healer. Her immense pools of chakra give her the capabilities to heal potentially hundreds of grievously wounded shinobi back to fighting shape, as shown during the Fourth Shinobi World War. As a trump card, she has an gigantic store of chakra located in the diamond upon her forehead called the “Strength of a Hundred Seal”. This allows her to amplify her already gargantuan levels of chakra a hundred fold, placing her in on a plane of power alongside a very small amount of characters in the entire Shinobi world. She can even donate this energy to others.

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What are Tsunade’s Special Abilities?

As a descendant of the Senju Clan, Tsunade is host to a numerous amount of powerful abilities that lesser ninja would take years to master due to the sheer amount of chakra reserves needed to perform such techniques. She is also incredibly durable, due to techniques like Creation Rebirth allowing her to quickly regenerate any wounds she may endure.

  1. Summoning Jutsu: Can summon segments of Katsuyu, a slug from the Shikkotsu Forest.
  2. Transformation Technique" Despite being in her fifties, Tsunade can maintain a youthful appearance with no real exertion
  3. Creation Rebirth: Near instantaneous regeneration of any wounds taken, with no hand signs required.
  4. Super Strength: Can release chakra at the point of contact to unleash incredible amounts of force..

Top 5 quotes of Tsunade

“Grow up… Death comes with being a shinobi. There are times when death is hard to accept, but if you don’t get over it, there’s no future.”

“People become stronger because they have things they cannot forget. That’s what you call growth.”

"It's because to be Hokage… is your dream… isn't it, Naruto? One last time… just one last time… I place the odds on you."

"People like Jiraiya… and Sarutobi, and Elder Chiyo of Suna possessed something you two sorely lack. Do you know what that is!? …Faith! My grandfather, the First Hokage, believed in you and entrusted you with the village. Now it's your turn to believe in these children and entrust it to them!"

"I am the Fifth Hokage... You've trampled on our ancestors treasure...their dream...and you will pay the price! As the Hokage, I will put a stop to you here and now!"

Tsunade’s Top Fights

Despite not having fought in years at the time, Tsunade debut battle in the clash between the legendary Sannin displays why she is a legendary kunoichi with her monstrous strength and healing capabilities. While she doesn’t see quite as much action after she takes the mantle of Hokage, she does still have her moments like her arm wrestling match against the Raikage.

Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Naruto vs Orochimaru and Kabuto:

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Tsunade vs the Raikage (Arm Wrestling):

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Q. What is Tsunade scared of?

A. Due to witnessed her lover Dan die due to a massive amount of blood loss, Tsunade was temporarily stricken by a case of haemophobia, which is the fear of blood

Q. Why is Tsunade called Princess?

A. Tsunade is the first granddaughter of the First Hokage Hashirama Senju. In typical grandparent fashion, Hashirama spoiled her rotten and she would even take on some of his own personal traits like his deviancy and gambling habits,

Q. What is Tsunade’s favorite food?

A. Tsunade’s favorite is considered to be chicken, as well as sake.

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